TGC Time Tracker & Productivity Manager Version 1

For Telemarketers, Fundraisers and Call Center’s

The perfect time tracking application for every call center, fundraising service, and campaign oriented telemarketing office. Use this time tracking app to account for both your employee internal hours and employee productivity. You can easily identify and track who your delinquent and often late employees are with this program. Reports for every employee are available on a perpetual basis accounting for various areas both identifying their productivity and accounting for their day. As well, hours are tracked on the program so no more having to correct manually filled out employee time sheets or wasting potential supervisor productivity by having them simply transfer hours data all day. Contact us now and make your work life easier with the best time tracking program available in the market.

Start the App

Upon opening the program the user will find themselves at a login screen. There are three pieces of information required to proceed forward.

Select Your Location

A location must be selected in order to continue.


After a location has been selected, the user must enter their unique user identification number and password.


Upon logging in the user will find themselves on the “Shifts” page. The program automatically records the time they have logged on.


After clicking “Start Shift”, the clock will officially begin to run.


On the “Campaigns” page the user can easily open up different campaigns with the simple click of a button. As well, they can start and stop the individual Campaign timers at will.


The “Breaks” page allows the user to excuse themselves from their workstation for various reasons. Said reasons are “Paid Break, Unpaid Break, Bathroom, Meeting and Other”. “Other” allows the user to type their reason out. The page also records and displays all of the breaks they have taken this shift.


The “Settings” page allows the user to change the color scheme of the program to fit preference.

Admin Area

User List

The “User List” lists all of the different users from the different locations. They are separated by their branches. There are 299 user slots for each branch location. Unique user information may simply be typed in or deleted at will. Users not currently working are shown as offline and are colored grey. Users currently logged into the program and at their workstation are displayed as green.

Away Users

Users logged into the program but away from their workstations due to a break are displayed as yellow.

User Selection

To view an “Employee Productivity Report” for any shift an employee has previously or is currently working simply check off an employee box and click “Show in Report”.


Now simply select the desired date from the calendar and that days report will populate.


The “Employee Productivity Report” includes that employees name, employee number, branch, the time they started that shift, the time they ended that shift as well as the calculated total time worked that shift. The report also breaks down all the different campaigns worked and the duration they were worked for. As well the report lists all the breaks taken by the employee and their respective duration.


The “Hours” page logs all of the hours worked by the different locations. This includes both internal hours and the different campaign hours.

Detailed Hours

Simply by clicking on a location, the information will expand and reveal the particulars for that branch. Total Hours, Total Campaign Hours, and the hours for each campaign are logged and recorded for each employee.

Summarized Hours

At the bottom of the page, the grand totals are all added up and the information is readily available.


There is also an option to isolate the figures by time frame. For example by a certain pay period.


When a user is more than 3 minutes late or 3 minutes early in coming back from a scheduled paid break, the program automatically sends out a violation email with that users information to the administrators. The list may be sorted by date.


If a user is more than 3 minutes late in coming back from an unpaid break, a violation email is send out with that users information to the administrators. The list may be sorted by date.

Branch Admins

The “Branch Admins” page may be used to track and create new administrators. Only those given administrator access may use this website.


There are 22 campaign slots in which information may be typed or deleted. Whenever a new campaign has been picked up or one is no longer being serviced, it may simply be removed or replaced in the particular slot.

Campaigns per branch

Each branch has 22 campaign slots.